Q: If I have Siestas programmed, will I still see someone’s texts or calls?

A: Yes. Anything incoming will still show up on your phone, however when Siestas are programmed, SIESTAtext does all the work to respond.

Q: If I have Siestas set to respond to calls, can people still leave me voicemails?

A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: My Siestas aren’t sending! I’ve tried & tried and SIESTAtext isn’t responding to texts OR calls!

A: This applies to BOTH Android & BlackBerry users: If you have any 3rd party SMS apps installed + running on your phones (i.e. CrunchSMS, SayMyName, etc), SIESTAtext will most likely not function correctly. Why? Because those 3rd party apps are already intercepting incoming texts + calls, not giving SIESTAtext the chance. If you want your phone to be able to send Siestas, you must disable/delete other SMS apps. 

Q: What if someone who’s not in my Address Book texts or calls me? Will they still receive the Siesta?

A: If you’ve programmed the Siesta’s recipients to be “All Contacts,” then yes, even outside texters/callers will receive your Siesta.

Q: Will Siestas be sent if I’m out of service? Like riding the subway or on a plane?

A: No. Siestas require the same network your phone uses to make calls + send texts — so if you’re out of range, Siestas can not be sent. 

Q: Will I be charged $$$ for sending Siestas?

A: Having your phone send a Siesta is exactly like you sending a text message, so yes, standard text messaging rates apply — though if you have an Unlimted Texting plan, you’re golden — no additional charges will be incurred.

Q: Does SIESTAtext work across any network? As in, if I’m on T-Mobile, will someone on AT&T receive my Siesta?

A: Absolutely. While the application itself is only available for Android + BlackBerry phones, every type of phone on any kind of network will 100% receive your Siesta message.

Q: How do I know if my phone can run SIESTAtext?

A: For Android Users: Your Operating System must be 2.0 or higher. To check your phone’s OS, go to Settings —> About Phone and then look at Firmware Version. If it’s 2.0 or above, you’re aces. 

For BlackBerry Users: Your BlackBerry’s Operating System must be 4.6 or higher. To check your phone’s OS, go to Settings —> Options —> About. Look for something similar to “v4.6.1.231” — If the number is that or higher, you’re good to go.

Q: What happens if I schedule an All Contacts Siesta for 24hrs but a Personalized one for  say, 3-4pm? Will my Personalized recipient receive the All Contacts Siesta before 3pm and after 4pm?

A: Yes. The person(s) you’d like to receive your Personalized Siesta will receive it during that specific time — and will meanwhile receive the All Contacts Siesta during all other times.

Q: If I program a Siesta using “Duration From Now” for say, 30 minutes, can I have it repeat at that same time tomorrow?

A: Because SIESTAtext is tethered to the phone’s clock + calendar, you can not have a  “Duration From Now” Siesta repeat on a daily/weekly/monthly, etc basis. However! If you’ve saved it, it will be stored in your Siesta library and you can simply turn it off + on. Every time you turn it on, it will be active for whatever Duration From Now you’d originally selected.

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